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In order to clarify the relationship between medicine and disease, it is important to define the concept of disease. We propose to distinguish in the disease a positive dimension, namely the pathological mechanism, and a normative dimension, where it is considered as an evil, that is to say a problem.

Impotence, the inability to get an erection, is an old problem, of which we find very ancient descriptions, the first dating from - 2000 BC, in Egypt. It describes the succession over the centuries of hypotheses that explore the biological and psychological dimensions, linked to desire and emotions, of impotence. Thus, the Egyptians distinguish two types, depending on whether it is natural or supernatural, that is, caused by charms. From the outset, therefore, causes of a different nature are isolated.

In the notion of disease is contained the idea that this problem which calls into question the integrity of the living being constitutes a unit of analysis. The cure is not the only treatment available, however. In the absence of understanding of the origin of impotence, mechanical means will be developed, penile prostheses and vacuum. The former constitute a real solution, effective for any type of patient suffering from impotence.