Written by: Ellis Kerkhoven and Adam Gerber
Directed by: Ellis Kerkhoven
Presented by: British Youth Music Theatre

Valeria. A gothic metropolis. By day a thriving centre of commerce. By night a city of shadows.

Nestled amongst the backstreets, taverns and alleyways in the downtown district of Disturbia, stands a small apothecary on Wolf-Bane Lane. A herbal sanctuary and workplace to a team of young herbalists …with a vigilante agenda. Can their light fight the ever-growing darkness infiltrating the city? What are the strange afflictions hitting its people? Who is the white Wickan? And who is the silhouetted figure on the rooftops?

A comic-book musical about darkness and light, good and bad, revenge and redemption …and one girl's fight to uncover her true identity. In this epic new musical you can expect strong roles, spectacular harmonies and dazzling choreography. Songs include: 'Destiny’s Call',' Super Saviours', 'Sweet Justice' and 'Medicine Time'!

Date/Time: 13 and 14 August @ 7.30pm. Saturday matinee @ 3pm
Tickets £15 - £20
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