Next Thing You Know

Written by: Joshua Salzman and Ryan Cunningham
Directed by: Dan Saunders
Presented by: Sedos

Next Thing You Know (“NTYK”) is a musical about four New Yorkers waking up from their invincible twenties and confronting adulthood in the city that never sleeps. It looks at a time in life when one day you wake up, and instead of a hangover, you have a job. Instead of a fling, you have a live-in girlfriend. And instead of naïve dreams, you have reality. Think: a musical episode of How I Met Your Mother or Friends.

Like MacLaren’s or Central Perk, there is a central location that throws the characters of NTYK together – a little dive bar on Sullivan Street. We plan to create an immersive dive bar on the Bridewell stage (similar to a Secret Cinema experience) where, before the show and during the interval, the audience can buy a drink or two and mix and mingle with the people of New York, including being part of the ‘behind the scenes’ experience of what the characters of NTYK get up to on their big night out!

Please note, the onstage bar will be cash only. Drinks purchased at the main Bridewell bar using card will still be allowed inside the theatre ... but we recommend bringing some cash for the full immersive experience!

Date/Time: 05 - 09 March @ 7.30pm. Sat matinee @ 2.30pm

Tickets £14.50 - £23

Book online HERE

Sedos are resident company at the Bridewell.