Written by: William Shakespeare
Directed by: Kay Brattan
Presented by East 15 Acting School

“Men’s vows are women’s traitors.” An angry father, a wicked queen, a banished noblewoman, a jealous husband, and a slandered heroine are all entangled in Shakespeare’s epic tragicomedy of love, lust, and loyalty.

When King Cymbeline’s daughter goes against her father’s wishes and marries for love, the balance of his kingdom, and his family, falls into chaos. Exiled from the court, Princess Innogen’s beloved husband Posthumus finds himself in Italy and enters into a bet with the scheming Iachimo- a dangerous wager that puts into question Innogen’s fidelity and places her life in peril. This genre-busting epic from Shakespeare takes us through the ancient courts of Britain and Rome, to the wild mountains of Wales in an extraordinary fairytale filled with magic, hidden identities, epic battles and a severed head.

Date/Time: 16 Feb @ 7.30pm, 18 Feb @ 1pm and 6pm
Tickets: £8 - £12
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