Amelia Lost

Written by: Larry Delinger
Directed by: James Marvel
Presented and performed by: Kathryn Frady

Amelia Lost is a haunting, inspirational, dramatic, emotional, one-act, one-woman opera about a homeless woman who believes herself to be aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart. The woman's mind goes back and forth between the homeless woman's reality and her firm belief that she is Amelia Earhart reliving her final flight. Every word, every phrase has the ability to drastically change the woman's mood in a moment. Whether she is a homeless woman or actually Amelia Earhart is left for the audience to decide.

Kathryn's performance in the World Premiere of Amelia Lost was named "Most Memorable Opera Experience in Knoxville, TN of 2014."

Date/Time: 23rd August & 1st September 2018 @ 9pm (30 minute running time)

Tickets £12

Book online HERE

Part of the Opera In the City Festival 2018