Upcoming Adana exhibition

Contribute to our upcoming Adana exhibition

Our forthcoming Adana exhibition, opening in January 2023, will feature some of the best work produced on these little presses. If you have an Adana-printed item of which you are especially proud, we would very much like to include it. Unfortunately, we will not be able to return your items, but the best examples will form part of a small collection of letterpress hobby printing at St Bride Library when the exhibition ends. Let your Adana press record your name for posterity in our archives.

Further information

Please send your prints to:

Bob Richardson
St Bride Foundation
14 Bride Lane
Fleet Street

Contact library@sbf.org.uk with any questions.

For those prints that we are unable to display in the exhibition cabinets, visitors will be able to peruse them in the exhibition space.

Bob Richardon will also be giving a talk on Adana to coincide with the exhibition. More information can be found HERE.