Where am I? A visual history of London’s street nameplates With Alistair Hall

All across London you can find a remarkable public archive of lettering – London’s street nameplates. A unique collection of styles and forms that stretches back to the 18th century. They work both as visual anchors, telling us where we are, and as temporal anchors, telling us where we’ve come from.

Alistair Hall, of design studio We Made This, will present his ongoing research into this fantastic public gallery of lettering, revealing what he’s discovered so far, and showcasing work by Berthold Wolpe, Design Research Unit, Atelier Works, David Kindersley, Kinneir & Calvert, and more.

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Alistair Hall is an award-winning graphic designer based in London. He set up his design studio, We Made This, in 2004, and specialises in thoughtful, simple, beautiful design. He has worked with clients including Penguin Books, Historic Royal Palaces, Jeremy Tankard Typography, the National Trust and John Lewis. He is also a co-founder and art director of the children’s literacy charity Ministry of Stories, and its fantastical shop, Hoxton Street Monster Supplies.

Alistair has been writing about design and visual culture at wemadethis.co.uk/blog for over eleven years. He also teaches at Central Saint Martins and The Sir John Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design; and has given talks about his practice across the UK and overseas.

Date/Time: May 31 @ 7pm.

Tickets £8 - £12.50

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