The Justin Howes Memorial Lecture 2022

With Lara Captan Investigatory Explorations & Experimentations in Arabic Type

27 April 2022

St Bride Foundation and Online via Zoom

In-person time (BST):
Doors/bar: 6.15pm.
Talk starts: 7pm.
Talk ends: 8.30pm.
In-person tickets: £8, £10, £12.

Please note: for in-person tickets please ensure you arrive promptly as you will need to be seated before 6:50pm to ensure the live streaming of the online event is not disrupted. Late comers may potentially not be admitted. Please can you take a lateral flow test on the day of the talk to make sure you are Covid-free before attending. These are not mandatory but we ask as a courtesy for the well-being of other attendees.

Online time (BST): 7.00-8.30pm
Online tickets: £3, £5
Please note: you will be emailed the Zoom link for the talk at 6pm GMT on the day of the talk.

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To commemorate the work of Justin Howes, Lara will tell stories of pivotal Arabic typefaces through time, and the ways in which their design has involved interplays between research and visual exploration.

Lara Captan is an independent type designer & typographer based in Amsterdam. She is a researcher-practitioner and strives to provide alternative pathways to designing Arabic typefaces, both in form and technology.

She taught design and typography at the American University of Beirut between 2006 and 2013 then moved to The Netherlands where she has mostly been creating experimental Arabic typefaces. She regularly speaks at conferences around the world, and has co-founded Arabic Type Design - Beirut with Kristyan Sarkis, it is the first international educational program dedicated to Arabic type design.

Justin Howes died on 21 February 2005. A good friend to the St Bride Library and the wider typographic community in 1999 he founded the original Friends of St Bride Library with James Mosley. He was not only a distinguished scholar, whose wide-ranging research was making an important contribution to our understanding of the types and lettering of the past, but he also put that scholarship into practice, learning to cast type by hand and to demonstrate to others the techniques of a secretive and mysterious trade. This annual lecture series is given in his memory.

We would like to thank Google and The Wynkyn de Worde Society Charitable Trust for their generosity in sponsoring this lecture.