The Big Book Look

25 September 2019

6.30–9.00pm (Bar open from 6pm)

Tickets: £8–12.50

What does it take to make a book a success? The global publicity? The budget-busting marketing campaign? Previous achievements of the author or illustrator? Or is it a cover design produced from a brief with the phrase, “it just needs that ‘big book’ look”?

After two sold-out events at St Bride, Ceara Elliot, Jack Smyth and Nico Taylor have curated a new line-up to share their experiences on this theme.

Join a host of designers working across the publishing industry to discuss work that has had the high expectations of meeting the difficult ‘big book status’, or have suddenly found their work on the bestseller lists and have to manage seeing their own covers on briefing forms?


Charlotte Abrams Simpson

Mic Alcaino

Becky Chilcott

Eleanor Crow

Suzanne Dean

Jon Gray

Tiffany Leeson

Jack Noel

Claire Ward

In addition, we’re pleased to be inviting students, recent graduates (within the last 18 months) and amateur designers/illustrators to submit work for a cover competition kindly sponsored by the Wynkyn De Worde Society Charitable Trust.

Click HERE for the brief and further details.

The winning covers will be announced at the start of the event and all work will be exhibited throughout the evening so it will be a fantastic opportunity to get your work seen by industry professionals.

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