Written by: Dan Hazelwood

‘Free copy of Risk magazine with new Lucky Cookies!’
These are the words on Gabby and Matt’s lips this one summer afternoon at Sloane Square tube station, as they work to support themselves while pursuing what they really want to be doing – performing!

They also, of course, like cookies (who doesn’t!?) and intend to keep some for themselves. Well, there must be some perks of the job.

The trouble is, they don’t know if the office staff are going to be coming to check up on them, they don’t know if the plain clothes employee from the magazine is going to be coming to check up on them either, and they don’t know if that man in the van over there is the agency driver checking up on them or just some bloke leering at them! So take a trip to Chelsea today. Take a copy of RISK, and if you are lucky, a packet of cookies (but there are probably “none left, sorry”).

Date/Time: 29 Jan - 01 Feb @ 1pm

Tickets £7 in advance, £9 on the door

Book online HERE