Arts for Impact Big Give

Big Give Arts for Impact

We are delighted that St Bride Foundation has been selected to participate in the Big Give Arts for Impact campaign, which acknowledges the impact that the arts sector has on the mental health and social skills of society at large.

Through this campaign we will be raising money for St Bride Foundation's unique library collections, learning programme and historic building. Donations to St Bride Foundation will be matched for 7 days from 19th-26th March. Help us to futureproof our collections and our purpose as the United Kingdom’s home of print and graphic design, providing a welcoming and affordable avenue for the public and print and design communities to easily access, network and understand this important area of our heritage.

One donation, twice the impact.

What happens during the Arts for Impact campaign?

Donations made to St Bride Foundation via will be doubled during the campaign. If you would like to support our work this year, we highly recommend doing so during Arts For Impact, when your donation will be doubled and make even more of a difference to us.

What do I need to do?

1. Add a calendar reminder to your diary for 19th-26th March, including this link
2. Have your card details ready to kindly make your donation. Thank you so much for supporting St Bride Foundation!