Written by: Noël Coward
Presented by: East 15 Acting School

People come and go in a chic Paris hotel. Clandestine affairs and betrayal are unveiled in the decadence of the Roaring 20’s, or as the French would say, the Crazy Years (Les années folles).

Written by Noel Coward in 1926, Semi Monde was never produced in his lifetime. Coward said of his work ‘It’s production in London or New York seemed unlikely as some of the characters, owing to lightly suggested abnormalities, would certainly be deleted by the censor.’

Semi-Monde is mischievous, and colourful, but also very daring for the time in which it was written. We get at least a glimpse of the man behind the mask within the intrigues of the passing of time and people through the Paris hotel.

Date/time: 15 February @ 2pm. 16 February @ 7pm. 17 February @ 1pm
Tickets: £8 - £12
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