Out of Your Comfort Zone

20 September 2018


Following the success of last year’s ‘Killed Cover Stories’ lecture, Ceara Elliot, Jack Smyth and Nico Taylor are hosting another evening of book design related talks focusing on the theme of getting ’out of your comfort zone’.

From tackling a new brief to juggling multiple careers or flying the company nest, every creative at some point has felt a little out of their comfort zone – sometimes even purposefully putting themselves in that position to challenge their thinking or working habits.

Throughout the evening, twelve speakers will share their thoughts and experiences exploring how those uncomfortable moments can lead to successful covers, careers or a path to something unexpected . . .

So join us as we celebrate these sometimes happy accidents.

There will be a poster exhibition accompanying the talk and the evening will be followed by drinks in the Bridewell Bar.

Speakers: Tree Abraham, Justine Anweiler, Luke Bird, Sophie Burdess, Tom Etherington, Julian Humphries, Jamie Keenan, Sharon King-Chai, Anna Morrison and Jonny Pelham.

Tickets £8 - £12.50

Book online HERE