I’m Woman

Written by: Ana Daud and Dmitry Akrish
Directed by: Dmitry Akrish
Presented by: Unbroken Angels

A soul-bearing story of one woman coming to terms with a brutal and painful childhood is expressed beautifully in this sensitive, socially-relevant, one-woman play.

In this empowering new show, writer/performer Ana Daud explores what it means to loose one’s childhood innocence too soon, the relationship between children and parents, men and women, and things we often think but we are too afraid to speak about, even with our closest friends, and offers a new message in a #MeToo era.

I'm Woman is a true story of an immigrant girl who grew up without her parents and was sexually abused in childhood. This experience led to hard consequences and battles to overcome (anorexia, bulimia, fake modelling, abortion and prostitution). In order to leave the past behind and begin a new life stronger then ever before, the main character needs to face her biggest fears.

In a modern, technological world, where we often hide behind masks and feel alone in our personal battles, this show has a mission to connect people, to inspire and empower through vulnerability, sincerity and sharing, as well as give more appreciation of one’s opportunities in life, deeper relationships, and the beauty of being ourselves, accepting ourselves with all our demons and angels.

Directed by Dmitry Akrish, this hard-hitting true story merges facts, powerful memories and even notes of humour to explore the truth and ramifications of Ana's story. As a prominent contemporary theatre director, Akrish has become famous for his ability to take audiences on inspirational and even humorous journeys over the past six years.

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Not suitable for under 16's, contains adult themes.

Date/time: 12 - 16 Feb @ 8pm - 9.15p.

Tickets £10 - £15

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