A photographic exhibition presented by Shutterhub in association with Marchland, a season of music, theatre and interdisciplinary events from the edges and in-between places of Europe, curated by Théâtre Volière in the Bridewell Theatre.

Picture by Ben Altman Act 1, Year One, November #2 from The More That Is Taken Away (c) 2011 Ben Altman
Banner image Flower Flower Water Light, (detail) © Nicola Maskrey

Featuring work by Nicola Jayne Maskrey, Kat Dlugosz, Michael Whelan, Mal Woolford, Jo Stapleton, Silvia Szucs, Amanda Jobson, Joseph Thomas, Wendy Aldiss, Barry Cawston, Lynne Connolly, Ben Altman, Phil Lavery, Christiane Zschommler, Paola Leonardi, Tamsin Green, Henrik Hentschel, Patryk Majewski, Tina Reid, Sarah Tulloch, Ruth Stoltenberg and Michelle Margaux.

Marchland website HERE